Sex and extramarital affairs and its results

So much about listening to right conduct and right way to find great joy. A lot of friends of mine talked about their relationship with other people and with the opposite sex. I listened. Not only that, but observing the world, lower immorality is seems the trend now.

So, I’ve come to write what I think about what’s going on regarding sexual mistake.

Let’s talk about the 7<sup>th</sup> commandment and I think most of the people of the world especially those who can be reached by media/internet know what I am talking about.

Well, since I’m unmarried yet, let me just broaden the perspective about young people who are not married yet but goes on with the world by doing the acts of premarital sex.


Men and women were designed to be together to need each other. As children grow old enough to shoulder the responsibilities of a family and come to love and honor someone of the opposite sex, it is natural and proper for them to marry – be joined together- and create their own family apart from their parents. Only then should they “become one flesh” by physically uniting in a sexual relationship.

Now, according to one lecturer I listened to from my podcast, sex is not only about physical intimacy but it also includes the brain, the heart, emotions and spiritual. Let’s not get it wrong. Sex involves a lot of aspects.

Unless the natural desires that attract us to members of the opposite sex are channeled exclusively toward a loving marriage relationship, the temptation to engage in sexual immorality can easily overpower our self-control. Tell me when I’m wrong. Isn’t it too easy to give in?

Adultery is the violation of the marriage covenant by willful participation in sexual activity with someone other than one’s spouse.

So, what is the message of the 7<sup>th</sup> commandment? Noo sexual relationships of any sort should occur outside of marriage.

God gave us the 7<sup>th</sup> commandment to direct and define the sexual roles that bring lasting happiness and stability. Nothing is more desperately needed in this age.

God created sex. It was His idea. He wants us to enjoy an abundantly pleasurable and stable sexual relationship WITHIN marriage.

Again concerning adultery we are warned: “Can a man take fire to his bosom, on his clothes and not be burned? Can one walk on hot coals and his feet not be seared? So is he who goes in to his neighbors’ wife; whoever touches her shall not be innocent” Proverbs 6:27-29.

Now, let’s consider the worldwide havoc wreaked by sex outside of marriage.

If we notice, most people simply refuse to contemplate its staggering consequences.

Two prevailing views stand out. Some people assert their right to do whatever they please: “Nobody is going to tell me what I can do in life.” Others rationalize virtually any kind of behavior:  It doesn’t matter what I do so long as NO ONE gets hurt. They use these arguments to justify all sorts of sexual behavior.

Both views ignore a fundamental reality: People <em>do</em> get hurt – badly hurt. Immorality in any form is ultimately destructive. Adultery’s first casualty? OUR MIND AND CHARACTER.

Equally damaging is the personal abasement that flows from sexual immorality. It can be denied, but it cannot be avoided.

Now, let’s consider the disastrous effects of the sexual revolution. The explosion in sexually transmissible diseases (STDs) is an international disgrace. STD is accounted to be the most commonly infectious diseases in the world. AIDS alone takes a frightening toll in lives and suffering and rivals the most epidemics in history.

The decline in commitment to marriage and family and the resulting decrease in spouses’ loyalty and devotion to each other have contributed heavily to the steady increase in extramarital game. Talk about live-in relationships too which is so rampant.

In my young age, I was surprised when one parent of my student told me that she is only living-in with the father of their three kids. THREE kids! Of course, I’ve heard a lot about this through the media but never have I thought that I would meet one.

Children are the big losers in this kind of society with its touted sexual revolution. They receive less and less parental guidance. In many countries fathers spend an average of only a few minutes per day in one-on-one contact with teach child. Society is losing sight of what families are all about.

Broken homes are another cost of the sexual revolution. A majority of the economically disadvantaged  live in one-parent homes. Homes headed by a single parent are a leading factor in the incidence of subsequent criminal activity. Broken homes are the main consequence of sexual immorality and shattered marriages resulting from sexual infidelity.


Another result is the reducing of many people to poverty. Why? Lets’ add the devastating legal fees and decreased productivity and income not the mention the frequent loss of dwellings and personal property.

Divorce makes for even deeper personal problems. Custody fights go on for years. Children’s grades suffer, some drop out of school. They become pawns in a tug of war between parents for their love and loyalty. Teenagers in turn become parents at younger and younger ages.

Then there’s the Psychological cost.

Long before a divorce, emotional and psychological damage is often inflicted on the mate and children of the sexually unfaithful. Many are permanently scarred. Shame and a loss of sense of self-worth. In these situations, a home can no longer provide the warmth, comfort and security that build confidence and hope. Lack of hope contributes to suicides, which after accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults. Such tragedies can occur years after the sowing of the seeds of despair.

The psychological cost of betrayal, rejection and abandonment is staggering. The spirit of millions is submerged in anger, depression and bitterness because their trust in one whom they loved – whether mate or parent – has been betrayed. Many of these people are emotionally distorted for life. Some of them seek counseling, but others look for vengeance.

The problems go on and on. Who said no one gets hurt? Adultery and promiscuity are tickets to social disaster. The real cost of sexual immorality is astronomical.

Contrary to the opinions of most people, sexual fantasies are anything but harmless. Let’s not forget our actions originate in our thoughts, in the desires to float through our minds. Daydreams of illicit sexual encounters render us especially vulnerable to the real thing. Thanks to the new generation of sexual revolutions where everywhere we see billboards, magazines, media, the list goes on and on. Opportunities to sin will come.

Companionship is one of the greatest blessings we can gain from a stable and loving marriage. Most of us need the support and companionship of a loving spouse. We need someone special who can share our ups and downs, triumphs and failures. No one can fill this role like a mate who shares with us a deep love and commitment.

Society suffers because we have lost the vision that God had for marriage from the beginning. Marriage is not a requirement for success in pleasing God. But it si tremendous blessings to couples who treat each other as God intended. Most people desire and need the benefits that come from a stable marriage.

To return to what God intended, we must give marriage the respect it deserves. We must faithfully obey our Creator’s commandment “You shall not commit adultery.”

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The WORST Criminals

There are serial killers on the loose!

It is not a secret what they are planning to do next and where they are hiding.

These two are the worst serial killers ever known, they have been caught and trialed so many times and yet never convicted, still left unbarred and free to prey on the next victim.

Meet UNFAITHFULNESS and LIE, two of the most dangerous criminals ever to exist.

They kill people by breaking trust and undignifying respect.

Usually the victims do not realize they are being exploited until they find themselves trapped in the deep pit of untruthfulness.

These two have an agenda almost common to any other murderer.

First, they act very trustworthy and make the target comfortable so it would be easier to kidnap the victim’s confidence.

Then when they have seen that the target has become vulnerable, they attack with deception and guile.


 There are times when these criminals realize that they have done you wrong, that’s when they tend to stop hitting for a while, but they are not really capable of complete remorse. And they would finally strike back, that’s when they lastly commit the murderous act .

UNFAITHFULNESS has been on this spree for a period longer than any man could imagine.

Successfully he already wrecked numerous relationships, coldly destroying devotion, integrity and bonds.

LIE is no different from the latter. It defies the existence of honesty. Killing every truth that gets in the way, obliterating sincerity and mutilating belief.

And the morbid part about all of these is that MANY have allowed these two criminals to stay and even live with them.

Tolerance to such is indecent, once granted permission moral collapse is inevitable.

Until now, these criminals are roaming amongst us. They never sleep, they do not enjoy a streotype kind of life.

They hunger for the thrill, the adventure of luring and its not that they really find contenment in doing so; it’s just that they can’t control it, and they just need to act on their urge.

Be careful, disguise is a talent they have practiced very well.

They can be ANYBODY.  :’)

-adapted from my best friend’s thoughts Nadine Zulueta Villarin

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Letter to God

Dear God,

I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. Maybe because I’m very hungry for more of your love letters to me. For the past few years of my life you’ve been sending me your letters. Some I eagerly read and took heart yet some I neglected. You still keep sending me more. In fact thrice as many this times. God, I think I know why. It’s because you know I’m reading them with open heart. You know what God? I’m actually loving them more. I’m so humbled that you keep knocking at the door of my heart. I’m waiting for more of your love to come into my soul. I know for sure you are faithful and nothing can separate me from your love which is in Christ Jesus. And you know, I thank you. I thank you that you care so much for me. For a sinner like me. I thank you for claiming me as who I am. Thank you for helping me transform for the better and I am so looking forward to be totally transformed by your grace and reflect them well to people around me.

God, there are more I want to tell you. Let me just get an eyeshut but please take note that I want you in my heart always even in my sleep so when I wake up I could feel assured that things will be well in this challenged world.

P.S. I love you God.




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